Stop the spread of Norovirus

Friday, 4 February 2011

Norovirus is prevalent in the community at the moment so please help us by being a responsible visitor to our hospitals.

The illness is spread very easily through contact with anyone who already has Norovirus or diarrhoea and vomiting (D&V).

It can affect anyone - staff, patients and visitors.

It can be passed on anywhere - in the local community, at home, or at a hospital.

It is a particular problem for the hospital when anyone who has had the illness (or even been exposed to it without their knowledge) comes in as a patient or a visitor. Without realising it, they may spread the bug to others. 

Please always ensure you wash your hands and use the antiseptic gel on entering and before leaving a ward.

If you have experienced symptoms yourself, or been in contact with friends or family who have recently had any symptoms, please do not visit the hospital until you are completely symptom free for at least 48 hours.

If you have an appointment or you are due to visit a friend or relative and you have had symptoms please phone the relevant department or ward for advice before coming to hospital.

The symptoms of a norovirus infection usually start one to two days after becoming infected, but they can start after 12 hours.

  • The first symptom is usually a sudden onset of nausea, which is followed by projectile vomiting and watery diarrhoea.

Some people may also have:

  • a raised temperature (over 38C/100.4F)
  • headaches
  • stomach cramps
  • aching limbs

Symptoms normally last from 12 to 60 hours but most people make a full recovery within two to three days.

There are no long-lasting effects from having a norovirus infection.

Please talk to the ward staff if you are in any way concerned, or would like further information. 

Your support is greatly appreciated.

By working with us, you are helping to prevent spread of infection at Frenchay and Southmead hospitals and in your own home and community.