Trust security staff to wear video cameras

Monday, 21 May 2018

As part of North Bristol NHS Trust’s zero tolerance policy to violence and aggression to all patients and staff, security will now be wearing body worn video cameras aimed to act as deterrent to antisocial behaviour.

Over the last 5 years we have seen an increase in reported incidents at Southmead Hospital, and a large proportion of those incidents were related to violence and aggression.

The cameras, that are used across the country by security teams in a number of roles, have been commissioned as part of the measure against violence and aggression, to act as a deterrent to antisocial behaviour and reduce the likelihood of violence against staff. 

The Body Worn Cameras will support NHS staff by increasing accountability and justifying their actions, thereby protecting staff from any false allegations that could potentially occur.

The cameras are the size of a smartphone, and are attached to the uniform at chest height. They will record digital images in the same way as traditional CCTV, and also record sound.

The body worn cameras will only be switched on when there is likelihood that evidential footage will be captured, and the staff member will alert the perpetrator prior to activating the camera. If the situation escalates with a member of staff verbally or physically, this recording can be used as evidence.  

We hope as part of this measure we can continue to protect both staff and patients, and reduce the number of incidents at North Bristol NHS Trust.