We are now offering free parking for women in labour at Southmead Hospital

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

All women in active labour at the Central Delivery Suite and Mendip Birth Centre at Southmead, and their partners, can now benefit from free parking

This new scheme also applies to women who are being induced, having a C-section, and for up to seven days post-birth. 

The new scheme is being introduced as a pilot for the Trust. Lisa Marshall, Director of Midwifery and Head of Nursing at the Trust, said: “This pilot is to help new parents spend time together without incurring extra costs.

“Mothers-to-be will benefit from the emotional support of their birth partner during labour and in the early postnatal period. This will help family bonding and maternal wellbeing without the worries of paying for parking and therefore limiting visiting from the mother’s birth partner.”

How it works:

  • The details of the car and the surname of the woman in labour will be taken by the receptionist at the delivery suite.  A form will be completed and submitted to the parking office.
  • The car must be parked in the car park near the delivery suite entrance to qualify for free parking.
  • Note: only one registration per couple i.e. the partner’s car or a nominated car if the partner does not have one.

Parking at Southmead has recently been highlighted as an example of good practice by the RAC, specifically the use of ‘pay by card’ and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) facilities; of which four out of our five car parks on the Southmead site have.

The ‘pay by card’ facilities were brought in as a response to patient feedback; we recognise that this system is fairer to patients and visitors as it means they pay for how long they park for rather than estimating how long an appointment/visit will take.

Simon Wood, Director of Facilities at the Trust, said: “Making parking easier at Southmead is very important to us. We recognise that coming to hospital can be stressful and we hope to take some of this stress away by making parking as fair as possible.

“We recognise there are still improvements to be made and we will continue to respond to feedback from patients and visitors.”

We also provide free parking to patient groups who spend a lot of time in hospital:

  • Cancer patients
  • Renal dialysis patients
  • Parents of babies in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Carers; whilst the person they care for is in hospital.

The hospital also has a free patient drop-off zone, available for 20 minutes.

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