We have launched our new research strategy for the next five years

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Today our Research & Innovation team is launching its new strategy for the next five years.

This sets out our intention as an organisation to improve patient care through world-class research.

Rebecca Smith, Chris Burton and Andrea Young

At North Bristol NHS Trust we benefit from being part of a vibrant and ambitious Bristol-wide strategic health research and innovation partnership, which enables better co-ordination of research, innovation and resources.

Patients who take part in research have a health condition that research aims to help. Research is important as it helps us improve patient care, provide the best advice and treatments for people, and increase our understanding about the human body and mind.

We currently have more than 7,000 patients taking part in 591 active research studies across our Trust, including Women and Children’s, Orthopaedics and Respiratory.

Most research studies need a lot of participants because they aim to find out what treatments are likely to be most helpful for the largest number of people. However, we need to ensure you fit the criteria for taking part, such as your health history to ensure it is safe for you to get involved.

Taking part in research doesn’t always mean that you will be prescribed with a medicine or tablet. It can involve providing a urine sample, completing a questionnaire, or simply a researcher asking you a few questions about your treatment and experiences.

Deputy Director of Research and Innovation, Dr Rebecca Smith said: “We are really pleased about launching our strategy, which has been possible thanks to the large number of patients and members of the public that helped us shape what our future research should look like.”

Find out more about our current studies and read our five year strategy on our website: www.nbt.nhs.uk/research