First patients move into the Brunel building

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The first patients have moved into the new Brunel building at Southmead Hospital Bristol.

About 140 patients were due to have moved into the new hospital building by the end of Tuesday.

The moves started with patients from the old Southmead Hospital wards on Monday morning.

The first patients were moved from C ward, the acute respiratory unit. They were wheeled through a tented walkway and into the new building by porters.

Ward C was then turned into a departure area for all the other patients leaving the Southmead wards for the Brunel.

Once all the patients from C ward had been moved into the Brunel, the ward became the discharge area for patients from other parts of the existing Southmead Hospital.

Nurses from the trust’s Learning and Research Centre were back in scrubs to help with the transfer of patients, with support from administrators from the department.

They were joined by volunteer retired nurses who used to work for the trust and were involved in escorting patients into the new building.

The team were involved in a combination of taking patients from the ward, helping with final checks and then taking them over to the Brunel and settling them in to their new rooms.

Among the first patients to move across to the Brunel building was Sally Limb.

Once she had settled into her new room in the Brunel Sally said she was impressed with the facilities.

“I love it,” she said.

“I love the private toilet and shower and I love that I can hang things up in a wardrobe.

“It is so airy and light and the air coming in, which is particularly good when you have respiratory problems.

“I think we are all excited to be here.”

Among the wards to be transferred on the second day of patient moves was Severn ward in the Avon Orthopaedic Centre.

June Hill from Stockwood has been in hospital for a week following a hip replacement. She said: “The new rooms are marvellous. They are so fresh and there’s plenty of room. When the door is open you can see people go by and have a chat. I think people will be amazed when they see it.”

Brenda Tomkins was one of the first NHS babies born in Southmead in 1948 and was pleased to be part of the history of the hospital once again.

“My late husband had cancer so we came here for clinics and saw the hospital being built so I was excited to have a chance to see inside.

“It is absolutely breath-taking, so incredible and has a wonderful view. Normally in hospital you feel so cut off from the world and don’t see anything. Now I can sit here and people watch.”

The remaining patients in Southmead wards are due to be moved by the end of this week.

Transfers will then start from Frenchay Hospital – with the A&E transferring at 2am on Monday, May 19 and the rest of the wards will move throughout the week.

See photos from the move.