Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at North Bristol NHS Trust

"Being able to be and feel accepted in who you are at work is a fundamental marker of the quality of everyone's working life"

Nigel Jones , LGBT+ Staff Network Chair and Trust LGBTQ+ Champion

Here at North Bristol NHS Trust, we believe in a people first culture and that begins with encouraging our diverse talent in an inclusive environment. We're committed to creating a workplace that maximises the potential of all of our people, where everyone is valued and feels empowered to contribute to our Trust mission to provide outstanding patient care and able to to do the best work they are capable of. 

Our staff networks provide an opportunity to play an active role in supporting decision making about Trust policies and practices and a place where staff can seek additional support. 

BAME Staff Network

BAME Staff Network

We have an active BAME staff network and would welcome all BAME members of staff to join us. 

Listening Events- May + June 2020

A series of listening events were planned in May and June 2020 to enable our BAME colleagues to share their thoughts on the current situation, how it affects them as a BAME member of staff and to raise any concerns that they have. These events were well received by BAME colleagues working in roles throughout our Trust.

Cultural Ambassadors

The Cultural Ambassador's role is a voluntary role within the Trust. They will provide independent advise and guidance to investigating teams and disciplinary or grievance panels when they are investigating or considering allegations for or against a Black and Ethnic Minority member of staff. The project has the full support of the executive team and is endorsed by the Trust's Equality Panel.

The aim of the Cultural Ambassador is to help ensure fairness in the manner in which the BME member of staff is treated during the formal process of the investigation, grievance or disciplinary. The Cultural Ambassador will support and advise the investigating team or disciplinary panel on equality, diversity and cultural bias issues, particularly where unfair bias (conscious or unconscious), less favourable treatment or discrimination, should this be identified. 

Black History Month 2019

An organising committee from the BAME staff network organised Black History Month celebrations, which included an information display and gospel choir performance in the Brunel building atrium and an open forum with Andrea Young (Chief Executive) and Michelle Romaine (Chair). 

BAME Staff Network - Key Contacts

Annette Hughes - BAME Staff Network CHair

Sanjay Gandhi - Trust BAME Champion

To find out more about joining the BAME Staff Network, please contact inclusion@nbt.nhs.uk.

LGBTQ+ Staff Network

LGBTQ+ Staff Network

Bristol Pride 2019

We represented our Trust at Bristol Pride 2019 showing our support for the LGBTQ+ community in Bristol. Bristol Pride was listed in the top 4 UK Pride events and in the top 50 in the world in the Global Top50 Pride events.    


Rainbow lanyard and badges 2019

Staff from roles across the Trust have signed a pledge and wear rainbow lanyards and badges to show their support for LGBTQ+ staff, patients and visitors.


LGBTQ+ History Month 2020

To mark LGBTQ+ History Month in March 2020, we heal an exhibition in the Atrium, entitled 'Revealing Stories'.

Key Contacts

Dr Nigel Jones - LGBTQ+ Staff Network Chair and the Trust LGBTQ+ Champion

To find out more about joining the LGBTQ+ Staff Network, please contact inclusion@nbt.nhs.uk.

Disabled Staff Network

Disabled Staff Network

Disability History Month - 2019

We celebrated Disability History month with a display in the Brunel building Atrium and by hosting a lunch and learn session about the Adjustment Passport.

Adjustment Passport

Supporting staff with a disability is important for our organisation and one way we do this is with our adjustment passports.

An adjustment passport is a way of keeping one record of all adjustments that have been agreed and is a live record of adjustments that have been agreed between a staff member and their line manager to support them at work.

This passport belongs to the member of staff and can be shared with anyone they feel needs to know about their condition and the adjustments that have been agreed. 

The adjustment passport can help with:

  • Specific learning difficulties (SpLDs) - these include, but are not limited to dyslexia, dyspraxia, or attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder (AD(H)D).
  • Mental health difficulties- these include, but are not limited to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), bipolar affective disorder, personality disorders, or psychosis.
  • Autism spectrum conditions (ASCs)- this includes Asperger syndrome (AS) and high-functioning autism (HFA).
  • Sensory impairments- these include, but are not limited to visual or hearing impairment, blindness, or deafness (with or without British Sign Language as a first of preferred language). 
  • Mobility difficulties- these include, but are not limited to paralysis, scoliosis, chronic pain, difficulty walking, or using a wheelchair. 

Please note, this list doesn't include all disabilities or health conditions and we would encourage staff to speak to their line manager if they feel the Adjustment Passport would be right for them. 

Key Contacts

Angela Micciche - Disabled Staff Network Chair

Simon Wood - Trust Disability Champion

To find out more about joining the Disabled Staff Network, please contact inclusion@nbt.nhs.uk. 

Have you heard of the Bristol Equality Charter?

Everybody counts- a pledge for equality across Bristol - Bristol Equality Charter

In 2018, North Bristol NHS Trust played a pivotal role in the city wide launch of the Bristol Equality Charter. This Charter is to mark the commitment of key players across Bristol in working towards acheiving race equality across the city, with everyone having the opportunity to succeed and thrive. Drawn up in partnership with public bodies, private companies and the voluntary sector, this is unique to Bristol and is already offering valuable collaborations with other signatories.

For more information, please visit the Bristol Equality Charter page on the Bristol Council website available here. 

Through partnership with 11 other organisations across Bristol and its surrounding areas we are taking a look at the 'bigger picture' for equality through a Strategic leaders group. This group has been responsible for setting up the Bristol "Stepping Up" programme. This group was awarded the 2018 'Transparency Award' at the Global Equality and Diversity Awards for their work in researching and presenting the race diversity statistics of all the public sector organisations in Bristol. Further information can be found on the Bristol Council website here.