Health and Wellbeing Support at North Bristol NHS Trust

At North Bristol NHS Trust, the health and wellbeing of our staff is as important to us as our patients. We are proud of the comprehensive programme of support available for staff to access.

What support will be available to me at the Trust?

We are proud of the support we are able to provide our staff, which includes:

  • Our Employee Assistance Programme helpline, a 24/07 service in which you can obtain confidential advise, support and counselling, including (but not limited to):
    • Financial information
    • Legal information
    • Stress and Anxiety
    • Housing Concerns
    • Bereavement
    • Retirement
  • An opportunity to attend Schwartz Rounds, a confidential space that takes place monthly for staff from all areas of the trust to come together to reflect on the emotional impact that work has on us.
  • Access to a Health Check station, which provides instant and confidentional Health MOT's and advice
  • Our Physio Direct Service which gives all staff direct access to a physio consultation by telephone, and further treatment if required in the Physiotherapy Department in Brunel.
  • Support from our Staff Wellbeing Psychology Team, providing practical evidence-based approaches to enhance self care and team care.
  • Mental Health Wellbeing Champions and Mental Health First Aiders, providing support if you need it. We also have a TRiM Network, which provides peer to peer trauma intervention support.
  • We also hosted our inaugral 'Wellness in Nature' event in September 2020, in partnership with our Sustainable Healthcare Team.

How is the Trust supporting staff during Covid-19?

We recognise that these are unprecedented times, and it is important that we look after ourselves, now more than ever, so we can continue to provide the exceptional care for our patients. Our Trust have a library of resources available for staff to access, which includes on-demand videos, coach and mentoring schemes and activities that can be undertaken to support individual and team well-being.

20 Minute Care Space

The purpose of #20mincarespace is to provide a space for self-care through facilitated connection and support. They have been designed to support staff during this unprecedented time of uncertainty.

Our Staff Wellbeing Psychology Team have also created Our Space, a longer facilitated confidential space for colleagues to come together to reflect on recent events and to take steps in line with our Trust values.

Me and My Team

These coaching sessions are designed to support managers with brief and practical sessios around supporting their staff, communicating around covid and looking after their own wellbeing as a manager. These sessions are run by our Psychology Wellbeing Team virtually and in person. 

Our NBT Psychology Wellbeing Team have also published the following videos to provide some top tips on how to manage anxiety and stresses during this difficult time of unprescedented uncertainty. 

Managing anxiety - NBT Psychology Wellbeing Team
Not currently working with us but looking for some extra support?

NHS Employers has published a range of national initiatives to support staff at this time. 

NHS Employers Website - Support available for NHS Staff

Did you know?

Award-winning Health and Wellbeing support

We are extremely proud that the Trust has been nominated and won multiple awards for the Health and Wellbeing support available for staff, including: