Professor Raj Persad - Urology

Professor Raj PersadGMC number: 2825012

Year of first qualification: 1983

Specialty: Urology

Clinical interest: Urological Oncology (prostate and bladder), Andrology (erectile dysfunction) & Reconstructive Urology

Secretary: Warsame Said 

Telephone: 0117 414 4976

Professor Raj Persad has been a practising Uro-Oncology surgeon with an international reputation for innovation and research, since 1996. He specialises in Bladder, Prostate and Kidney Cancer. He has served on key National and International committees for guideline development, service reform and research such as the National Cancer Intelligence Network, National Cancer Research Institute, NIHR-RfPB, NICE, IBCG, BAUS Section of Oncology and Cancer Research UK.

He is one of the country's leading pelvic cancer surgeons bringing with him advanced surgical techniques with him from his training abroad in the US and Europe. He leads an active research programme and is the recipient of £5m in research grants.

He has over 230 published scientific papers in urological cancer and 5 books.

He is a University examiner for higher degrees for London Oxford Cardiff and Bristol and has been an examiner for the College of Surgeons and Tutor in Surgical skills. He is a member of the Colorectal Health Technology Co-operative and is also the Lead Clinician in the Bristol Biomedical Research Unit prostate cancer programme. 

He has been involved in drug discovery and development over the last 20 years as well as surgical device development. He is Chief and Principle Investigator for a number of NIHR portfolio clinical trials and has research interests in focal therapy of prostate cancer and novel therapies in castrate resistant prostate cancer and metastatic kidney cancer.

He is a key opinion leader in several areas of urology and, along with Professor David Gillatt, has established one of the country's leading medical robotics programmes (Bristol Urological Institute in conjunction with the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England).

Uniquely, Professor Persad not only excels in cancer treatment and research but also has substantial experience in Andrological surgery and genital reconstruction as well as drug therapy used in the area of sexual and erectile dysfunction. He serves on the BAUS Section of Andrology as a National expert in this area.