Specialist Services

Specialist services:

  • Joint antenatal medical clinic with obstetrician, diabetes nurses, midwives and dietitian.
  • Joint diabetic foot clinic held monthly, with vascular & orthopaedic surgeons, chiropodist and orthotist.
  • Joint diabetes/cardiology post MI risk factor management clinic.
  • Transition clinics for young people transferring from paediatric diabetes services  
  • Multiprofessional insulin pump service
  • Whole pancreas and islet transplantation support service (in collaboration with the Oxford transplant service.)
  • Clinical psychology services
  • Joint thyroid & parathyroid clinic with thyroid surgeons
  • Joint thyroid surgery meeting with ENT/ head and neck surgeons, radiologists and endocrine pathologist in which the radiology, histology and surgery of difficult thyroid problems are reviewed (twice-monthly).
  • Obesity surgery service.
  • Regional neurosurgery and pituitary surgery unit with dedicated pituitary surgeon
  • Hypertension service. Supported by 24 hour ambulatory and home BP monitoring
  • Lipid clinic, run by Dr Ceridwen Dawkins, consultant chemical pathologist

Innovative exercise and education programme for patients with diabetes, involving individualised exercise within a group setting, supervised by an exercise therapist, with diabetes nurse and dietician involvement.