Southmead Hospital Minor Injury Unit (MIU)

Southmead Minor Injury UnitSouthmead Hospital Minor Injury Unit offers treatment for adults and children for a wide range of minor injuries. You can drop in with no appointment necessary.

We are able to treat patients presenting with minor injuries that include:

  • Minor injuries in children   
  • Wounds and grazes
  • Cuts needing stitches
  • Trips and falls
  • Broken bones
  • Minor injuries resulting from minor road traffic accidents
  • Minor injuries arising from domestic violence
  • Minor burns
  • Sports injuries
  • Sprains, bruises and abrasions
  • Head injuries
  • Simple eye trauma e.g. foreign bodies
  • Removal of foreign bodies
  • Advice

When you arrive at Southmead Emergency Department you will see the Triage Nurse, usually within 15 minutes of arrival. The triage nurse will assess you to ensure you are at no immediate risk.  Patients will be prioritised depending on how unwell they are.

After you have been triaged you will be seen by either a:

  • Physiotherapy Practitioner
  • Emergency Nurse Practitioner
  • Advanced Nurse Practitioner
  • Doctor – depending on your condition.

If the Triage nurse feels you need closer observation you will be transferred to our monitored area – the Emergency Department Observation Unit (EDOU).  

Our Physiotherapy Practitioners help restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability. They are able to request X-rays, assess, examine and treat traumatic/acute injuries such as minor head, neck or back injuries, limb injuries, broken bones (fractures), dislocations, grazes, wounds and minor burns.

Emergency Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Nurse Practitioners can see, examine, treat and discharge patients with minor injuries and minor illnesses. They can also request investigations, such as X-rays.

Occasionally on weekends and evenings the Triage Nurse will refer you to the BrisDoc Out-of-Hours (OOH) GP service. If after assessment you are fit to be seen by an out-of-hours GP, you will be given an OOH appointment card and will be directed to either the OOH GP at Southmead Hospital, located in the Antenatal Clinic, Knowle West Health Park or Cossham Hospital. For more information on BrisDoc Out-of-Hours (OOH) GP service visit     

Opening hours: 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Location: Southmead Minor Injury Unit is part of the Emergency Department, Gate 35, Level 0, Brunel building, Southmead Hospital, Southmead Road, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, BS10 5NB. Southmead Emergency Department has a dedicated car park accessible from Dorian Way, which works via automatic number plate recognition. Payment by credit card, notes or coins is required before you exit the car park.

Contact: Emergency Department, Gate 35 0117 4145100 or 0117 4145101

In a life-threatening emergency go to the Emergency Department or call 999.