Infectious & Tropical Diseases Emergency Admission

There are certain infections, such as malaria & meningitis, which, if suspected, require urgent admission to hospital in order for the appropriate investigations and treatment to be initiated. 

Your GP may, in these situations have already called the team to discuss the immediate management of your care, even before you arrive at Southmead Hospital Bristol and we can give appropriate instructions to the on call team for immediate management, and ensure you are admitted to our specialist area for continued care.

You would be seen initially by the on call team, or by one of the infectious diseases team in the medical assessment unit, and then transferred to the specialist infectious diseases ward where we may undertake blood tests and x-rays & scans to arrive at a diagnosis, initiate specific therapy, and monitor your progress. We would estimate how long you would be likely to be in hospital according to your condition and estimated date of discharge. In certain situations, direct admission to the infectious diseases unit may be possible.

Some infections require special isolation because they are contagious. In this situation, visitors and staff may need to take extra precautions in addition to good hand washing, such as wearing gloves, and aprons, or face masks. This is to ensure that there is no spread of the infection, and ensures the safety of all patients relatives and staff. If this becomes necessary, we would explain to you the reasons so that you are aware.