Infectious & Tropical Diseases Outpatients

Urgent Outpatient Referrals

If your condition requires urgent review, we would endeavour to see you in the infectious diseases clinic within a few days to a week.

Routine outpatient appointments
For routine appointments your GP can refer via NHS eReferrals, telephone or letter, and we will see you as soon as possible according to your need.

When you arrive in clinic for the first time, you will have been booked into one of the first appointments that allow us to dedicate an appropriate amount of time to you as a new patient. The clinic nurses will greet you, and the doctor will call you into a room, where they will take a detailed history and examination. After this you will have blood tests which are performed by the clinic staff. 

You may need an X-ray, and simple X-rays can be performed on the same day. Complex X-rays or scans will need to be booked into a separate appointment. The initial visit will take between 30-45 minutes. Some patients require longer, each patient is given the time they require.

You will receive a clinic letter following your visit, with the details of the consultation, and any results that may have arrived before the letter is posted.

Follow-up appointments are usually shorter and you will be seen in one of the later appointments. You may like to bring a book whilst you wait.