Infectious & Tropical Diseases Service

Nurse and patient

We provide specialist care for the treatment of patients with a wide variety of infections, and work-up of patients who have fever in whom the diagnosis is unclear. 

We have expertise in the diagnosis and management of infections acquired in the community and healthcare setting, as well as travel-related and tropical infections.

Returned travellers who develop a fever of 38 degrees or more require urgent assessment to exclude tropical infection including malaria and typhoid. This requires inpatient assessment and in such situations the referring clinician can contact the infectious diseases team via Switchboard on 0117 9505050 for immediate advice and/or direct referral.

We provide an inpatient and outpatient service to the local community, and also as the regional specialist unit from across the South West Region for complex and rare infections including viral, bacterial and parasitic disease. 

We have a 10-bedded specialist facility for the care of patients with infectious diseases at Gate 8a, Level 1, Brunel building, Southmead Hospital Bristol and 6 additional beds in a special isolation facility at Gate 27, Level 4, Brunel building.

Treatment & services:

  • Investigation and diagnosis of patients with undifferentiated fever
  • Diagnosis and exclusion of bacterial viral and parasitic disease
  • Imported infection
  • Tropical infection
  • Travel advice
  • Tuberculosis
  • Outpatient IV antibiotic service
  • Infectious Diseases Hot Clinic
  • 2 Infectious Diseases outpatient clinics
  • Specialist inpatient facilities for up to 16 patients

If you wish to be referred to the infectious diseases service please see your GP who can advise you and refer you if appropriate. We are always happy to discuss clinical cases with GPs ahead of a referral being made.

If your doctor believes that you have an infection, they may wish to refer you to the infectious diseases department for specialist advice and management. Depending on the urgency of the referral we may either wish to see you as an outpatient, or admit you directly to the ward as an inpatient for investigations and management.