Lung Cancer Specialist Nurses

There are 2 full time lung cancer nurse specialists providing a specialist nurse service across North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT), Monday to Friday.

The role of the specialist nurse includes, supporting patients through the difficult process of obtaining a diagnosis, as well as offering support, information and advice to patients with lung cancer. The specialist nurse also coordinates the care of the patients undergoing treatment i.e chemotherapy and radiotherapy, by liaising closely with the patient, oncologists, respiratory physicians, GP’s and district nurses.

The lung cancer nurse specialist attends the oncology out patient clinic weekly where new patients are seen, assessed for treatments and followed up after treatment.

The lung cancer nurse specialist triages all fast track referrals, which includes making outpatient appointments and arranging CT scans. These patients are seen for the first time in the respiratory clinic at Southmead Hospital Bristol.

The lung cancer nurse specialist also attends the dedicated pleural clinic which is held at Southmead Hospital Bristol, where patients with mesothelioma and pleural disease are seen.

A home visit from the lung cancer nurse is offered to each newly diagnosed patient. This ensures plenty of opportunity to ask questions and prepare the patient for their appointment with the oncologist.

For further information, please contact the Lung Cancer Nurse Specialists.

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