Macmillan Wellbeing Centre Services & Support

Our main focus is to help you cope with your diagnosis and help in changes that may arise on your journey and recovery. You can drop in for a chat and a cup of tea anytime between 9.30am and 4.30pm (no appointment necessary).

Art work in the Macmillan Centre

Complimentary Therapies

The Macmillan Wellbeing Centre provides complimentary therapies to patients diagnosed with cancer.

Complimentary therapies can help in your recovery, and improve your quality of life. They may also improve your general health, reduce stress, anxiety, make you feel more relaxed and help reduce some of the symptoms associate with the cancer and its treatment.

We currently provide the following treatments:

  • Reflexology
  • Reiki
  • Indian Head massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Massage

Psychology Services

The centre is able to offer psychological and counselling support as we believe it is important to care for your mind during these difficult times.

There are situations where people may require support or advice in areas such as:

  • meeting cancer diagnosis for the first time
  • talking to family and friends about your cancer
  • looking after someone with a diagnosis

Our psychologists can guide you through any feeling you may be experiencing, offering advice, and help with coping strategies.


Eating healthily and keeping to a healthy weight will help you maintain or regain your strength, have more energy and have an increased sense of wellbeing. Here at the centre we can provide you with 1 to 1 advice from our dedicated dietician.

Walking Group

There are lots of ways you can feel healthy and walking is one of the best ways as it is great for exploring your surroundings and meeting new people.

The centre offers a walking group every Wednesday afternoon from 2pm.

We have a number of regulars who have given us positive feedback in that it has helped in their recovery and wellbeing immensely. P

lease contact us for advice on how you can keep active and healthy, including information on local initiatives to help with your wellbeing.

Meditation & Breathing

Regular meditation practice can help people feel more in control of themselves and their lives, and many studies have shown that regular meditation can help with reducing stress levels for all individuals.

We know that breathlessness can be a difficult symptom to live with, but there are techniques you ca use to prevent and reduce its impact on your life.

Our meditation and breathing groups will show you techniques, relaxation and coping strategies which can help and reduce the distress of these symptoms.

Support Groups

While some people may not feel comfortable discussing their situation with others, many find it very helpful talking to those with a similar situation.

There are a number of support groups available, some being specific to a certain cancer group, while others are more general.

If you think that a support group may be of help and are unsure of what is available, please contact us and we can help find you a group. There are a number of local support groups.

Craft Sessions

We think that crafts are a great way to learn new skills as well as meet and socialise with new people.

We hold sessions for example:

  • origami
  • paper mache
  • wall art from scrap materials.

We also run small-scale gardening sessions, particularly in early spring.

If you want to find out more, please contact us and we can advise when the next sessions will be taking place. You don’t need to bring any material, we will provide with all that is necessary.

Bristol CAB - by appointment only

We know that a cancer diagnosis can mean huge changes in your personal and professional life, and these may include financial implications. Therefore, we offer with the support of Bristol CAB, a professional service to answer questions regarding finance and benefits, and how to go about applying for them.

The centre runs 2-3 sessions a month and we are also able to provide ward visits. However, these sessions are by appointment only and therefore you are required to speak to one of our support workers who can set up a CAB referral.