How Outlook Can Help

At Outlook, the issues that we can support you with include:

  • Appearance-related distress adjusting to a visible difference or changed appearance 
  • Difficulties in dealing with other people’s reactions
  • Anxiety regarding treatments e.g. having an anaesthetic or being in hospital
  • Coming to terms with a diagnosis and/or coping with treatment
  • Coping with emotional issues e.g. anxiety, worries, feeling low
  • Building confidence or self-esteem, including social situations
  • Adjusting to loss and grief e.g. of a loved one or a change in your body
  • Help getting back to previous activities or adjusting to new ones e.g. going home after being in hospital, getting back to work/study
  • Managing psychological trauma following an accident, injury, surgery or other treatments
  • Support  with decision-making and/or preparing for surgery or other medical treatments
  • Signposting you to other services