Psychology Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure if I could discuss my problems with someone I don’t know?

Sometimes it is easier to talk to someone who does not know you socially; and who is trained to discuss personal and emotional matters, and to treat such problems.

Will my treatment be confidential?

Yes. We do communicate our understanding of your problem with other professionals directly involved in helping you, such as the Doctor who is responsible for your care within the Hospital and your GP so that they know what kind of therapy you are having. However, you may be discussing very personal matters with us and we will respect a request not to pass on details, subject to the requirements of the law. Your Psychologist will take notes during or after your sessions; these are kept securely and confidentially. Psychology case notes are kept separately from general Hospital medical records, but correspondence to your Doctors will be filed within the general case notes.

How long does it take?

Some problems can be dealt with successfully in a few sessions, and it may be possible when you first attend to give you an estimate of how many sessions you will need. Other more deeply seated difficulties may need longer and more intensive treatment. Please ask if you are not clear about how long your treatment will last.

We will review your progress with you from time to time, and you can raise any doubts or concerns you have. As for ending treatment, this will be negotiated as you progress and often involves spacing your appointments at longer intervals, and/or arranging a follow-up after a few months to check that your progress is continuing.

sychologists are available to see people for a limited number of sessions while they are admitted to a medical ward.

Does it always work?

We have a high success rate. As we use a number of different methods and approaches, if the first treatment method does not help you to meet your goals within a reasonable period of time, there are options for changing the approach. We work closely with other professionals in the Mental Health Services, and sometimes additional help from a colleague may be recommended.

What happens if I need further help later?

Sometimes people need “booster” treatment for the same difficulty. If this arises we will be happy to see you again, and hopefully you will be able to see the same Psychologist who has already worked with you.

Psychology Frequently Asked Questions