Psychology First Appointment

At your first appointment, the Psychologist will make a full assessment of your problems.

This will involve a detailed discussion - (expect to spend an hour on this) - of your present difficulties, their effect on your daily life, how and when they arose, and your early life.

At the end of this - or at a later meeting - we aim to reach an understanding with you of your problem and its origins. 

Following this assessment, your Psychologist will be able to tell if this is the right service to help you. 

You will work with your Psychologist to identify particular goals for your treatment, and discuss how these can be achieved. 

You and your Psychologist will be working together on solving your problem: it is not a matter of simply telling you what to do. Whatever sort of therapy you are recommended, you will need to be actively involved.

Not everyone is referred for treatment. In some circumstances, your Doctor will have asked you to see a Psychologist to help understand your problems more clearly. If this is the case, you will be seen on one or two occasions only in order to answer a number of questions. Following this, a report will be sent to your Doctor who will use this additional information when deciding upon the most appropriate help for you.

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Psychology First Appointment