Psychology Service

The Health Psychology Service at Southmead Hospital Bristol assists people in managing a wide range of medical conditions.  We see individuals who have health conditions that are interfering with their lives, who are having trouble adjusting to the condition, or where psychological factors are making the health condition worse.  We help people adjust to and cope with all aspects of physical illnesses and treatment, such as pain.  We also specialise in the treatment of physical illnesses that are caused or made worse by stress.

In addition, we may offer advice and treatment to individuals who have medical conditions and who, in the context of that medical condition, are suffering from:

  • anxiety
  • long-term grief reactions
  • relationship problems
  • sexual problems
  • low mood

Referral to our service is generally through a hospital consultant within the Medical Directorate. However, GPs or other NHS services can refer, subject to funding. We also accept direct referrals from businesses who wish to make our services available to their employees.

For further information download patient information leaflets:

Psychology Service