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Clinical/Counselling Psychologists begin their training by studying normal behaviour and development, and then take specialist training in the various problems people may develop and the variety of assessments and therapies that can help. This takes a minimum of six years before qualifying.

Clinical/Counselling Psychologists are not psychiatrists who are medical doctors trained to treat mental illness, and should not be confused with CPNs (Community Psychiatric Nurses). 

Clinical/Counselling Psychologists working within general hospital settings have particular expertise in helping people with physical problems.

  • Rachel Gunary - Head of Service
  • Sadie Thomas-Unsworth
  • Kate Druett
  • Emma Kewin
  • Patricia Meek
  • Emma Lishman
  • Suzanne Whitehead

From time to time Trainee Clinical/Counselling Psychologists, who are on placement from postgraduate clinical psychology training courses, will be involved in your care. This might mean you work with a Trainee Clinical/Counselling Psychologist under the close supervision of a qualified Clinical/Counselling Psychologist. Trainee Clinical/Counselling Psychologists also have to submit written information about their clinical work to their training course. This will be done anonymously and will ensure that a patient is not identifiable from such written work. If you do not wish to be seen by a Trainee Clinical/Counselling Psychologist at any time, please say so. This will not affect your care in any way.

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Psychology Team