Early Supportive Discharge Team for COPD

The Early Supportive Discharge Team (ESD) is a 7 service that enables patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) to be discharged from hospital as early as possible, ideally within 48 hours. They were previously called the ARAS team.

A member of the respiratory specialist team will assess the patient whilst they are in hospital and if appropriate they will be discharged home for treatment rather than staying in hospital with support from the ESD team.

The team consists of specialist nurses and physiotherapists with expertise in respiratory disease. They will visit the patient on a daily basis, or as required, to assess their progress, provide treatment and advice and support them during their illness in the comfort of their own home. The patient will be provided with medication, and any equipment they require will be loaned to them. The team provides the patient with advice about disease management, medication, breathing techniques, relaxation, diet and nutrition and mobility. The team has direct contact with the hospital respiratory consultants for any further specialist advice.

Once the patient is feeling better (usually within 7 – 10 days) they will be discharged back to the care of their General Practitioner (GP).

The benefits of ESD:

  • Patients are treated in their home environment.
  • Patients should get better rest in their own home with fewer distractions.
  • It reduces the risk of hospital-acquired infections.
  • It enables the team to make the patient's treatment more individual and practical.

The patient and their family/carers can work closely with the team and learn how to manage their lung disease and symptoms more effectively.

Early Supportive Discharge Team for COPD Team

Respiratory Specialist Nurses
Jane Ashford – Clinical Lead
Catherine Willis
Tracey Bellis
Sarah McInerney
Michelle Broad
Cheryl Stowe
Sally Butters
Sophie Rudman
Lizzie Curtis
Emma Randell

Respiratory Specialist Physiotherapists
Joanne Reed
Susanna Barr
Helen Bowery
Lucy Tomalin

Physiotherapy Technical Instructors
Dawn Harrill
Anna Stewart
Michelle Andrews
Pauline Harris

Respiratory Specialist Nurses

Telephone: 0117 4142011


I have received fantastic care and assistance from the visiting nurses and they are to be thanked for what they do. To have a 24 hour emergency telephone number in these difficult times is marvellous.
(Summer 2011)

Early Supportive Discharge Team for COPD