We hold a specialised osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease clinic at Southmead Hospital Bristol with Professor Tobias and Dr Emma Clark.

We have a DEXA scanner (to measure bone density) at Southmead Hospital Bristol.

We also have a dedicated osteoporosis specialist nurse.

We administer specialist therapies such as Zolendronic acid infusions and Denosumab injections in the medical daycare unit.

We have close ties with the physiotherapists, elderly care services and the falls services.

A fracture liaison service is offered led by Dr Karen Harding who is an orthogeriatrician assisted by a specialist nurse. The service is designed to identify new patients of 50 years and over who have sustained low trauma fractures injuries (equivalent to fall from head height or less). 

The nurse offers telephone follow up to patients with a high risk of future fracture to assess adherence and tolerability of bone protection medication. Where patients have not started treatment or there are medication issues they will be contacting practices to help resolve any issues.