Instructions for day/night urine collection for Cystinuria

Please read the instructions carefully, make sure that you are prepared and follow each of the steps to ensure proper collection.

The collection bottles contain a preservative (strong liquid acid), this must not be thrown away.

Care should be taken not to spill or touch any as it could burn the skin, even when mixed with urine. If you spill the acid, advice for first aid for skin/eye contact is provided on the back of the container.

How do I collect the specimen?

  1. Select a day when you will be at home.
  2. When you get up in the morning, pass urine into the toilet – The collection of urine will start from this time. Please note both the date and time on the ‘DAY’ collection bottle.
  • Collect all the urine you pass into the ‘DAY’ collection bottle and finish this collection by emptying your bladder into the bottle before going to bed. Please note the date and time of this on the ‘DAY’ collection bottle.
  • Any urine passed overnight should then be collected in the ‘NIGHT’ collection bottle.
  • On waking the next day, empty your bladder and collect this urine. You should add this to the ‘NIGHT’ collection bottle. Please note the date and time of this on the ‘NIGHT’ collection bottle.

After the sample has been collected

Check the cap is screwed on firmly.

Carefully fill in all details required on the container labels including your name, date of birth and hospital/NHS number.

Please note: Any container received unlabelled cannot be accepted and you would have to repeat the collection.

If you don’t have your NHS/Hospital number or the barcode label please contact your GP surgery, ward or clinic.

What to do with the collected sample

Check that all the details have been filled in clearly on the label.

Deliver the container and the form as soon as possible direct to the laboratory, hospital or your GP.

Laboratory Specimen Reception, Pathology Sciences Building, Southmead Hospital, Bristol BS10 5NB

Opening hours 8am – 10pm

Further Information

Further information can be found at:

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