Skin Cancer Clinic

Skin cancer clinics, attended by North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT) consultant Plastic Surgeons, are held on a regular basis at:

  • Southmead Hospital Bristol, North Bristol NHS Trust
  • Royal United Hospital Bath
  • Gloucester Royal Hospitals. 

Weekly pigmented lesion clinics are held at North Bristol NHS Trust.

All patients with suspected skin cancer should be referred by their general practitioner (GP) by:

a)     Completion of the skin cancer referral form

The patients are then triaged into the following categories:

b)     2  week wait referral if they suspect a malignant melanoma or the patient has a pigmented lesion.

c)      A non – 2 week wait appointment, in a skin cancer clinic.

Patients are also referred from dermatologists, if they require surgery for their skin cancer.

If a patient is a two – week  referral they will be seen within 2 weeks from the date of their referral, in either a pigmented lesion clinic or a skin cancer clinic by a consultant plastic surgeon, who will probably be supported by a Clinical Nurse Specialist. If ongoing surgery is required following this visit, it should be undertaken within the next 2 – 4 weeks.

Non-two week wait referrals will be seen within an outpatient clinic within 4 – 5 weeks, with surgery being performed if it is a suspected squamous cell carcinoma within 3 – 4 weeks. Patients with suspected basal cell carcinoma will have surgery within 3 months of their outpatient appointment.