Advice & Complaints Team

The Advice and Complaints Team (ACT) at North Bristol NHS Trust aims to:

  • Improve complaints handling and make services more Effective, Personal and Safe
  • Use a Single approach for dealing with complaints (between health and social care)
  • Provide Quick responses proportionate to the issue
  • Assess complaints
  • Remove the fixed 25 working day deadline in favour of a negotiated response date
  • Improve communication
  • Increase the number of resolved issues
  • Identify learning and service the improvements to be made

ACT provides confidential information to patients, relatives or carers who would like advice about any aspect of care or services they have received or about any aspect of the services provided by the Trust, which cannot be provided at the point of provision. Most issues are dealt with as an enquiry with the expectation that if officers can’t sort out the problem they will try to find someone who can, usually within a single working day. Issues are recorded as enquiries, but where resolution takes longer, or the matter becomes more serious, it can be escalated to a concern or a complaint.

Please be aware that if you are seeking advice or commenting on issues not directly related to you, for reasons of patient confidentiality, ACT may seek the patient’s permission before becoming directly involved.