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    • This is a systematic Cochrane review that aims to assess whether a type of brain scan, SPECT, helps in the diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia.

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    • ​A case report on a patient with cognitive problems related to malignancy.

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    • This is a technical paper describing a protocol looking in detail at the hippocampus, an area of the brain affected early in Alzheimer's disease, using MRI scanning.


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    • This paper looked at the effectiveness of rhythm exercise on executive function in patients with Huntington's disease. Patients completed two months of training and showed improvements in executive function along with changes in the connections between different brain regions.

  • Archer HA, Panopoulou A, Bhatt N, Edey AJ, Giffin NJ.  Mesothelioma and anti-Ma paraneoplastic syndrome; heterogeneity in immunogenic tumours increases.  Pract Neurol. 2014 Feb;14(1):33-5 [Link] [PubMed]

    • A case report on mesothelioma (a form of cancer).


  • Shaikh, NN & Coulthard, EJ. 2013, ‘Memory consolidation — Mechanisms and opportunities for enhancement’. Translational Neuroscience, vol 4., pp. 448 [Link]

    • A review of memory consolidation (the process of storing memories long-term), including the potential for enhancing consolidation.

  • Coulthard, EJ, Archer, HA, Smailagic, N, John, C, Giannakou, A, Holmes, RB & Cullum, SJ. 2013, ‘rCBF SPECT for detection of frontotemporal dementia in people with suspected dementia’. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. [Link]

    • A review of the effectiveness of SPECT (a clinical neuroimaging technique) on brain bloodflow to diagnose frontotemporal dementia.


  • Coulthard, EJ, Bogacz, R, Javed, S, Mooney, L, Murphy, G, Keeley, SA & Whone, AL 2012, ‘Distinct roles of dopamine and subthalamic nucleus in learning and probabilistic decision making’. Brain : a journal of neurology, vol 135., pp. 3721-3734 [Link]

    • This work was carried out on healthy older people and people affected by Parkinson's disease. In this paper we showed that a tiny area of the brain called the subthalamic nucleus is important when we need to use several pieces of information to make a decision. In other words, this brain area helps us to reason well when we need to take more than one thing into account. In this paper we also showed that dopamine improved consolidation of memory after initial learning. This finding led to much of our current work investigating the role of dopamine in memory.

ReMemBr Group Publications