Clinical Research Centre

North Bristol NHS Trust Clinical Research Centre

Previously our research clinical staff were based all across the Trust which made it more difficult to establish research collaborations. Our Clinical Research Centre enables us to: 

  • enable patients to be looked after in a relatively tranquil and calm environment outside of the main hustle and bustle of the main hospital
  • ensure our patients are given the best possible experience of taking part in a research study at the same time being given additional advice and support  to help them to live with their diagnosis
  • promote to patients the breadth of research than takes place here at North Bristol NHS Trust, and gives them the opportunity to be more involved in our patient and public research activities
  • have more efficient use and maintenance of research equipment such as  -80° freezers,  refrigerated centrifuges can be more easily monitored and maintained in one building, rather than being spread across the Trust
  • provide financial savings due to blood tubes stocks being managed centrally
  • gives us the opportunity to train students and allow us to develop the next generation of registered nurses and allied health professionals
  • provide a GCP standard document depository
  • controlled staff areas to ensure infection control
  • bring together researchers from all disciplines from across the Trust enabling them to work closer together to share best practice and to collaborate on research projects alot more easily

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Clinical Research Centre
Beaufort Way
Southmead Hospital
Bristol, BS10 5NB
Telephone: 0117 4148136