Movement Disorders Research Patient & Public Involvement

We value Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in the developing research plans and our clinical service provision. The PPI group for Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire for Parkinson's and Other Movement Disorders (BNSGG) is part of the Movement Disorder Health Integration Team (MOVE-hIT). The MOVE-hIT PPI inform and shape research projects from the design stage, right through to publishing the findings, and are involved in the development of our clinical services and education programmes.

  • Reporting on what people affected by movement disorders  want and expect from the health and social service provided by BNSGG
  • Reading and giving feedback on information sheets, consent forms, letters to patients, interview schedules and questionnaires.
  • Commenting on, and suggesting research proposals and attending research committee meetings.
  • Commenting on service provision, study design, and attending study meetings

What the Movement Disorders Research PPI group provides:

  • An opportunity for patients and members of the public to confidentially give views on research and clinical service plans; which will be the basis of the North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT) Neurological Service of the future.
  • An opportunity to engage in publicity which promotes the group to share knowledge and ideas with other people affected by Movement Disorders including other health care professionals.
  • The chance to provide feedback about personal experiences of the service from a patient, family member or carer’s perspective.
  • The opportunity to network with people in a similar situation to yourself.

You do not need any research experience to join the group. We need your expertise and experience as a person affected by movement disorders; directly as a patient or indirectly as a relative, carer or someone close to someone with a movement disorder. The MOVE-hIT is keen to learn from you. If you would like to know how you can be involved in our Movement Disorders PPI group, you can either contact:

Movement Disorders Research Database 
We maintain a database which helps us identify suitable participants for research projects or other studies in the future. We are committed to making sure that everyone who uses our services has the opportunity to be told about our research. If you would you like to be contacted about future research opportunities for your condition please let us know.

Oliver Watson who is a Senior Project Manager for Bristol Health Partners and helps co-ordinate PPI for the hIT.
Movement Disorders research team a who are based at NBT
Sharon Nolan who is our Patient & Public Involvement Manager for research at NBT