Musculoskeletal research study videos

The University of Bristol's Musculoskeletal Research Unit,  based at here at North Bristol NHS Trust have created some short videos to promote a sample of the Research that they are leading here at NBT.


A large five year programme looking at improving patients experience of undergoing joint replacement. The success of this research has led to this treatment becoming routine care across most hospitals across the country.  

2) INFORM (Infection - Orthopaedic Management)

Funded through an NIHR programme Grant for Applied Research, Researchers, surgeons and patients from around the UK  have joined together to design and deliver the INFORM research programme. Over the next 5 years, they will be investigating why some patients develop infections after their hip or knee replacement surgery, and which type of surgical revision treatment is best.

There are two ways of doing this; by one stage revision surgery or by two stage revision surgery. Both kinds of surgery are used in the NHS but there are no guidelines on which type of surgery is better for patients.

3) STAR (The Support and Treatment After Joint Replacement)

Patient & Public Involvement in the STAR project (The Support and Treatment After joint Replacement (STAR) In this short video you will discover  how patients who have experience of long-term pain after surgery, are working with the research project team using their expertise as service users to help the team design and run the study.

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