WCH Research Patient & Public Involvement

Patient & Public Involvement

Our Team does not just involve patients as Research/Trial participants. We are also committed to involving patients and the public in every stage of a research project’s journey. From the development of an idea, through to the sharing of a project’s findings. We feel strongly that consistent involvement and engagement with our patient and public partners in our research will result in high quality projects that are focussed on patients, and with outcomes that are important to them. We want to address real world healthcare challenges and improve care, but we can only do this by understanding and listening to a wide range of opinions and by ensuring we have a culture that encourages patient driven ideas.

We are always keen to expand our PPI group and have new members join us!

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Who is this opportunity for?

Patients with experience of Obstetrics/Gynaecology/Maternity services or members of the public with an interest in improving Women & Children’s Health and Care through research. We also have project-specific groups whose members may have a particular condition or experience – please contact us and we can keep you up to date with any relevant projects.

What does involvement entail?

The Research Unit will host face-to-face meetings, video chats or can discuss projects via email, if you prefer.  We like to encourage discussions with researchers about their project ideas; we ask for help reviewing research summaries and other research documentation; and also want to hear your  general “lived experience” perspective to advice to our research staff and clinicians on how best to deliver our projects.


The dates and times of all the meetings/activities will be agreed well in advance and we will endeavour to give as much notice as we can. Timings will be varied and flexible to accommodate the group.


Face-to-face meetings are sometimes held in the Learning and Research building at Southmead Hospital. However, we also like to choose the most suitable venue for the group that is meeting – these can be less formal and more child-friendly, if required.

If you are interested in being involved in our general and/or or a specific project’s PPI group, would like to register your interest, or would just like some more information please email: WCHResearch@nbt.nhs.uk

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