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Professor Tim Draycott


Professor Tim Draycott, MD, BSc, MBBS, FRCOG, is a Consultant at Southmead Hospital and the University of Bristol.
He has been a Consultant Obstetrician at Southmead Hospital since 2002 and a Health Foundation Improvement Science Fellow since 2012. 
Over the last 14 years Tim has led the development of a new academic department in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at North Bristol that is now recognised as a world leading intrapartum and safety research centre.
Tim’s programme of work has been recognised by prizes from NHS Innovations, NICE, and the BMJ. Tim was also awarded Hospital Doctor of the Year for his intrapartum emergencies work. He has been recognised as a NHS Hero, and in 2014 he and the PROMPT team were awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Excellence, followed by the International Prize for Resilience in Healthcare in 2016.



Women & Children's Research

Abi Loose

ASSIST II Trial Manager

Abi joined the Women’s and Children’s Research team in July 2019 as Trial Manager for the ASSIST II Trial. Abi was previously Programme Manager for the NIHR Cataract Research Programme at Bristol Hospital and has more than a decade’s clinical experience in ophthalmology and MSc in Ophthalmic & Vision Science. Throughout the 6 year duration of the Cataract Research Programme Abi helped coordinate Patient and Public Involvement, collecting patients’ opinion and experiences together to support and improve the cataract studies, and is keen to bring her PPI experience to Women’s and Children’s Research.



Women & Children's Research

Dr Christy Burden

Dr Christy Burden is a Consultant Senior Lecturer and Head of the Academic Women’s Health Unit at the University of Bristol.

She and the team at UoB have published seminal work on virtual reality simulation education and training and more recently research in the area of high risk pregnancies and perinatal loss. This includes publications in the Lancet on psychosocial outcomes after perinatal death.
Her clinical and research interests are in maternal medicine and the management of high risk pregnancies in women with chronic diseases and gestational diabetes.
Christy Burden is also the NIHR Clinical Research Network Lead for Reproductive Health and Childbirth.

You can read more about Christy here : https://research-information.bristol.ac.uk/en/persons/christy-burden(951a2edc-6664-4b7a-9b66-a7f9a0096cbf).html


Women & Children's Research

Laura Timlin

Research Project Manager

Laura is the WCHRU’s Research Project Manager. She leads the development of competitive research bids with the aim of attaining non-commercial grant funding and promoting more and more research in the Women & Children’s Health Directorate at North Bristol NHS Trust.
She is the Public and Patient Involvement Co-ordinator within the research Unit, helping to develop and maintain our patient-focused ethos.
She also directly project manages a number of our existing studies, including:

Parents’ Active Role and ENgagemenT in their Stillbirth and neonatal death review (PARENTS study)
Antenatal Care Education: the co-design and piloting of interventions to improve patient and staff experience through better birth preparedness (ACE Study)
CHronic endometritis ANd unexplained reCurrent misscarriagE: the role of the endometrial microbiome  (CHANCE Study)


Women & Children's Research

Dr Emily Hotton

Clinical Research Fellow and Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialist Trainee

Emily is a Clinical Research Fellow and Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialist Trainee, undertaking an MD at the University of Bristol where she is affiliated with NIHR Bristol Biomedical Research Centre.
Emily works clinically as a Registrar at NBT. Her clinical and research interests include intrapartum care, assisted vaginal birth and simulation training. She also has a passion for ensuring the voices of women are listened to during the research process and incorporates this into her research. Emily is the Principal Investigator for the ASSIST and ASSIST II Studies, two feasibility studies exploring a novel device for assisted vaginal birth.


Women & Children's Research

Cathy Winter

Senior Midwife

Cathy has been a senior midwife at North Bristol Trust for over 32 years. She is also the lead midwife for the PROMPT Maternity Foundation (PMF) and works with a multi-professional core team of staff to distribute an obstetric emergencies training package, PROMPT, to maternity units throughout the UK and around the world.


Women & Children's Research

Erik Lenguerrand

Medical statistician and epidemiologist at the Bristol Medical School,University of Bristol, Translational Health Sciences

He is providing methodological support to the Women’s and Children’s research team and is the quantitative lead for the Tommy's National Centre for Maternity Care aiming to reduce preterm birth and stillbirth. He is involved in the analyses of national orthopedics and obstetrics registries, randomised controlled trials and other observational studies conducted in North Bristol Trust or across multiple sites. Full details of his scientific activities can be found here: 


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