WCH Research Midwives

Mary Alvarez

Senior Research Midwife

Mary entered research in January 2015, and was promoted within North Bristol Trust to the role of senior research midwife in 2017. Mary brought 27 years of clinical midwifery experience into her research role. Her passion is to create a research culture where research is ‘everyone’s daily business’ and to rotate midwives through the department to create research champions in the ward areas. Mary is also a member of PROMPT (Practical obstetric multi professional training) and helps train maternity teams in obstetric emergencies both in this country and abroad.

Nichola Bale

Senior Research Midwife

Nicky was a clinical midwife who worked in complicated antenatal and intrapartum care for 16 years before entering research in 2016.  Based in the Great  Western Hospital, Swindon, she was the lead midwife for the IMox intrapartum study.  Working on this study made Nicky realise she had a keen interest in research processes and the difference research can make to patient care; both at the point of delivery and for future patients.  Keen to pursue this as a new career pathway, Nicky took an 8 month fixed term contract at North Bristol NHS Trust, which was extended and then made permanent in October 2019.  She is currently enrolled in the One NBT Leadership Programme.

Elizabeth Deacon (Annie)

Research Midwife

After retiring from clinical practice in May 2016, with 38 years of nursing and midwifery experience, Annie entered research, supporting the IMOX study at St Michaels Hospital, where she had previously been employed. With little time and opportunity to become involved in research during her career, she embraced the experience, using her years of clinical knowledge to support the maternity related research studies in the unit. She moved to North Bristol Trust in July 2018, a growing research department, where she could develop her research role and become involved in a wider breadth of studies.

Lily Exell

Research Midwife

Lily qualified as a Midwife in 2015 after completing her Midwifery degree at the University of the West of England. She then began her career as a rotational midwife at North Bristol NHS Trust and became a core Delivery Suite midwife. Lily now works between Delivery Suite and the research department in Women and Children’s with the passion to improve the care women and their babies receive. She has spent the majority of her time in the research department working on the ASSIST study, investigating the BD Odon device.

Naomi Mallinson

Research Midwife

Naomi joined the Maternity Research team in 2016 and brought with her a wealth of clinical midwifery experience. Naomi qualified as a midwife in 2002 and continues to work clinically on Central Delivery Suite. She enjoys the opportunity to promote a research positive culture within her clinical area of work.
Naomi has delivered various studies within the department and has more recently become a core member of the Maternity Research team, allowing her to support junior members of the team.
Naomi is keen to promote the positive impact of research and recognises the wide range of benefits that taking part in research offers to patients, staff and NBT.

Katie Mettam

Research Midwife

Katie qualified as a Midwife in 2016 after studying for her midwifery degree at the University of the West of England. Since then she worked as a rotational Midwife at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, and completed two secondments to the Midwife led birth unit there. Katie joined the Women and Children’s research department on secondment in October 2019 to work on the AKID study, investigating Acute Kidney Injury and Diabetes in pregnancy. Katie is passionate about evidence based practice and the positive impact research can have on improving patient care.

Sally Hall

Research Administrator

Sally joined North Bristol Trust in 2008 with an extensive secretarial and administrative background.  She began working within the respiratory department and then transferred to the maternity Unit where she worked on Quantock Ward and Day Assessment Unit for 9 years as Ward Clerk.   Sally joined the research department in 2017 as Trial Administrator for studies including Imox, Mifemiso, Parrot and ASSIST 1 and ASSIST II. Her increasing knowledge of the Women & Children’s department and passion for research helps support and facilitate correct governance for studies within the maternity research department.

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