Research Fund Awards 2013


Dr Neil Artz

Award : £6,731 : Research Project : Accelerated versus non-accelerated rehabilitation after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a pilot randomized control trialThis research will investigate whether patients who are given accelerated rehabilitation have a better outcome and return to normal recreational activities sooner than those with non-accelerated rehabilitation. The results from this study will help in the design of bigger studies to compare the two types of rehabilitation and provide the best evidence for practice in the health service for patients having an anterior cruciate ligament operation


Dr Yvonne Wren

Award:  £19,961 research project : A pilot study of speech development in typically developing 12 month olds.

This study will be piloting the process for collecting  data on typically developing children. The results from this study will allow for an application for further funding to collect this data on a larger sample of children and compare it with their speech skills at older ages, thus allowing for the identification of features which are associated with persistent speech problems at the age of five.


James Berstock

Award : £750 : Surgical approaches to total hip arthroplasty. A systematic review of randomised and non-randomised trials of the posterior, lateral and minimally invasive approaches to the hip.  This research will help determine which surgical approach to the hip has the lowest complication rate and is therefore the safest option for patients undergoing total hip replacement.

Core Clinical Services

Dr Jo Daniels

Award £19,975  research project “Developing an adapted treatment package for anxiety in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME (CFS/ME) a pilot case series.”

CFS/ME is a disabling condition which causes extreme fatigue, joint pain and problems with thinking and memory. Research studies have shown that around half of patients with CFS/ME have mental health difficulties such as anxiety, This pilot will be based on extremely effective treatments that are used for anxiety but specially adapted for the treatment of CFS/ME.

Women and Children's Health

Dr Amanda Jefferys

Award : £17,157 research project “ENquiry into women with GAstric banding in pregnancy to Guide management and improve Experience (The ENGAGE study).”

Amanda will ask women who are pregnant after gastric band surgery about their experiences of pregnancy and what issues (e.g. risk of problems for mother or baby) would affect their views on whether the band should be inflated or deflated in pregnancy


Prof Shea Palmer

Award : £19,992 research project : Effects of postural taping on pain and function following osteoporotic vertebral fractures – a pilot study.

Osteoporosis is a condition which causes weakening of the bones and is common in older people. A new strapping device has been developed which people can apply themselves (or with minimal help) at home. It is important to know if this device can help with pain and function after vertebral fracture. This pilot study will investigate whether the use of the new style of strapping device might be useful in: reducing pain, increasing what people are able to do, and helping the way that they move.

Core Clinical Services

Jules Brown

Award :  £20,000 research project : (Conditional) A pilot study to support the development of a full scale trial to address whether prophylatic co-trimoxazole reduces the number of cases of pneumonia in patients with severe head injury whilst in intensive care.