Microbiology Patient Research Group

New drugs to treat bad bugs

Resistance to available antibiotics is a significant and growing global threat to human health. Antibiotic resistant bacteria kills 25,000 people in the EU every year, so there is an urgent need for  the development of new antibiotics.

Why David & Lesley became involved
David & Lesley both had serious infections. Lesley has now recovered from Septicaemia after a two month stay in hospital plus a further three months taking a combination of antibiotics, and David needed antibiotics after acquiring an infection following surgery.

What sort of things have you been involved in?:
“The first couple of meetings involved us getting up to speed on some of the terms that the researchers use and how we could help.  We have spent a fair amount of time working closely with the team to create a patient involvement tool kit focused on the antimicrobial medicine development cycle which we hope the scientific researchers will find useful across Europe.

We had no idea at all about the research process and the project is much larger than we originally thought.  We are part of a huge European study with many partners across Europe.  We are sent links to listen in on Webinars which has been very enlightening about the future of treating infections.

We were also given the opportunity to learn more about research through a free online clinical research course which explains the research process and the terms that researchers use.”

Have there been any Challenges?

David:  “Sometimes understanding some of the technical details and abbreviations.  I have to say though that when we have asked questions the team have never been dismissive.   There has always been complete honesty, where they have said, I’m not the right person to answer that, but we can do a session with the right person on that next time.”

“Hopefully our involvement so far will be of assistance to others”.