Serious Infection Public Group

We are looking for people who have had experience of a serious infection that required hospital treatment

The increasing threat of bacterial resistance to antibiotics is of concern to us all.  Have you been particularly affected by a serious infection?  Would you like to make a difference and be able to influence ground breaking research into new antimicrobial drugs?  Would you like to learn more about antibiotic resistance, drug development and the research process? Take Part Be Involved in Research

We would like to work with members of the public who have had experience of a serious infection that required treatment in hospital, either themselves or in someone very close to them.  Starting early in 2020 we will meet 4 to 6 times per year, usually for 2 hour meetings in the early evening, with some email contact in between.  No knowledge of research or science is necessary; it is your experience and opinions that we need. 

Fighting bacteria that are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics

The infection sciences department here at Southmead Hospital is involved in a multi-million European project which is looking to develop new antibiotics for Gram-negative infections called GNA NOW. (This type of bacteria is becoming increasingly resistant to most available antibiotics, making it increasingly difficult to fight infections such as pneumonia, bloodstream, wounds or surgical infections).

This international project is a partnership between pharmaceutical companies and academic organisations part funded by public money from the European Commission.  The aim is to develop new potential antibiotics to the stage where they can begin clinical trials. 

How you can be involved

Some of the things we would like you to be involved in are discussing with us the characteristics of the new drug, discussing possible side effects and the ethical issues of designing early clinical trials. 

You can read a little bit about what it’s like to be involved in this sort of work on page 7, Issue 3 of the ‘Take Part and Be Involved’ magazine at:

Here is a link to some information about this project:

The infection sciences department at Southmead Hospital has a long history of working in partnership with members of the public and former patients when planning and delivering research, and firmly believe that this can be of huge benefit in making our research relevant, ethically sound and appropriate for patients. 

By being involved you will be keeping patients at the centre of this crucial new international drug development project.

If you are interested in working with us, please contact:   Sally Grier -  email:      Tel:  01174146274