Urology Patient Research Group

Do you suffer from urinary leaks, despite previous treatment?”

We need women to be part of a new female patent Urology  group to help us to improve the care that  we give to our patients. In particular women who are experience recurring stress urinary incontinence. (SUI)  We are investigating the best way to treat this condition and we need your help to ensure we are putting patients at the centre of our research.Take Part Be Involved in Research

When is it?

The Project is over 5 years and we are aiming to meet approximately twice a year over that time. 

It will Involve

  • Reading and feeding back on our new written patient information sheets, so that we can make sure they are easy to understand by the patients who are taking part in the research study.
  • Talking about the project in more detail with our research team.
  • Access to email would also be helpful.

We will provide a £20 Love to Shop voucher as a thank you and to cover any out of pocket expenses.

For further information, you can either ring Sharon Nolan 0117 41 49337 or email sharon.nolan@nbt.nhs.uk