Public Research Groups

By being involved in a ‘research patient group’ your help will ensure we continue to deliver exceptional healthcare now and in the future.

Take Part Be Involved in Research

You don't need any research experience. People with personal experience of healthcare are best placed to comment on what research is needed and how research should be done.

Members of the public can bring a different perspective that is not always the same as those of researchers. Your involvement helps to ensure that the process is focused on what is important to people making it more relevant and acceptable to people who need to use our services.

Being part of a research patient panel  you will be able to:

  • Comment on researchers’ treatment ideas
  • Comment on how treatment will be carried out
  • Read and give feedback on patient information sheets, letters to patients and questionnaires
  • Sit on Research Committees and Research Project Meetings

For more information download our 

You can be involved in as many or as few meetings as you like. Each group is different, some meet up for 2 hours every 8 weeks, some just 3 times in total.
For more information or to get involved please either email:, or
telephone our Patient & Public Involvement lead for research on 0117 4149330

Contact Research & Innovation

Research & Innovation
North Bristol NHS Trust
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Southmead Hospital
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Telephone: 0117 4149330