Take Part In Research

Clinical research is important. Unless we get involved in research we won't be able to answer vital questions about the right treatment for our patients.

Take Part Be Involved in Research

You may be asked by the clinical staff treating you to take part in a clinical trial or research study. 

Many patients voluntarily take part in research as ‘participants’.

  • Participants often have the health condition that the treatment aims to help. However, sometimes they can also be healthy volunteers
  • Treatments are often tested on participants in strictly controlled ways to ensure safety and clear results
  • Most research needs a lot of participants as it aims to find out what treatments are likely to be most helpful for the largest number of people

Taking part doesn’t always mean being prescribed a new medication. It can involve providing urine/blood samples, completing a questionnaire, or simply a researcher asking about your treatment and experiences.

Clinical trials and studies recruit many participants, but participants have to fit guidelines - eligibility criteria. These criteria may concern the type of disease, history, age, gender, etc. They may need to be very specific to ensure people who take part are not exposed to avoidable risks. Even though you may be interested in taking part we have to be sure you fit the narrow criteria for that study and are eligible.

To take part in a clinical research study, speak to any of our health professionals to see if you are eligible.

To find out more about clinical trials, why do we need to do them? Are they safe? please download or view our