SNAHPer Group - Library Workshops


SNAHPer’s Library Facilitated Workshops 

In addition to the workshops directly organised by R&I SNAHPer’s is part of a series of 4 workshops jointly lead workshops.  This series is a collaboration with the Library, Audit and Quality Improvement departments.  These sessions are to help people new to any areas of investigation to move their ‘Ideas into practice: Navigating your way into improved patient care’.  This series can be booked on MLE Code 339IP-NIPC

The sessions will cover:

  • Session 1 – Project Types; NBT organisational strategy; Elevator pitches; Consent and ethics; Collecting data - Tuesday 24th March 2020
  • Session 2 – Evidence based projects; Introduction to data; Data interpretation basics - Wednesday 20th May 2020
  • Session 3 – Dissemination your project - Tuesday 14th July 2020
  • Session 4 – Writing for publication; Show and Tell - Wednesday 14th October 2020