Open Research Fund Calls

Round 12 Southmead Hospital Charity Research Fund

NBT Research & Innovation (R&I) is pleased to announce the opening of the Round 12 call for Southmead Hospital Charity Research Fund.

If you are interested in applying please email as soon as possible for the application form and guidance. We can work with you flexibly, as your other commitments allow, to support you with developing your application.

Who’s eligible?

Substantive or honorary NBT employees: clinicians, nurses and allied health professionals from any clinical area.

What career level?

From new researchers applying for their first research grant, to experienced researchers looking to undertake pilot, feasibility, or proof of concept work

Research area?

Research projects from any area which either has direct relevance to the NHS, or feeds into larger funding bids with the potential for impact on the NHS.

Funding limits: Maximum 24 month duration and up to £20,000

Stage 1 submission deadline: Wednesday 12 April (end of the day)