Impact & Outcomes

At the end of your award the Research & Innovation development Team will meet with you to discuss the next steps and support you with realising routes to dissemination.  In addition, it is a requirement that NBT Research Fund recipients report to the Research & Innovation office of all the outputs and outcomes of the research (eg: publications).

Researchers, research organisations and research funders are increasingly required to demonstrate the potential, and realisation of the impact of their research.  The ability to demonstrate and report on the impact of research in the long term will reply on capturing the outputs and outcomes of research projects/programmes in the short term.

In 2013 an NBT Research Impact and Outcomes survey was introduced. NBT Research Fund recipients are required to fill out and submit annually for up to  5 years post funding. The results will be published in an annual NBT research impact and outcomes report.  This report will be made available via this website to the public.