Immunology & Allergy Patient Referral Pathways

Criteria and advice for whom to refer can be found on the Remedy website at

Patient Referral Pathways

GP Referrals
Please use the NHS “e-referral” pathway for routine new cases.
Note that Allergy referrals should ALWAYS be to the “Adult Allergy” service  and NOT the “Adult Immunology” service. Allergy referrals can also be sent to the Nurse Led Allergy Clinic (providing criteria are met). Allergy referrals to the “Adult Immunology” will either be moved to the “Adult Allergy” service or will be rejected.

Hospital referrals
Please fax, email ( or post a letter of referral. Please include as much detail about the clinical reaction/issue, past medical history, past treatments (if relevant) and current medications. Referrals will not be accepted with inadequate information.

Suspected General Anaesthetic Allergy Referrals
Please refer by emailing
A referral pro-forma will be supplied to you from this email.  

Last updated 13/04/2020