Immunology & Allergy Patient Referral Pathways

Patient Referral Pathways
Please use the NHS “e referral” pathway for routine new cases
Note that Allergy referrals should ALWAYS be to the “Adult  Allergy” service  NOT the “Adult Immunology” service  please

General Anaesthetic -  (GA) allergy referrals
Please refer via
a referral  pro-forma will be supplied to you via e mail

Immunology referrals may include:

  • Suspected autoimmunity
  • Recurrent infection / suspected Immunodeficiency

Please note:

  1. “Patch testing” (Eczema, contact sensitivity e.g. hair dye) – Dermatology NOT Immunology
  2. We have no expertise in lactose intolerance (Gastro), nor food “intolerance”
  3. We have no expertise in ME, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia
  4. We do not have expertise in the management of mast cell activation disorders

Referrals  1-4 will be declined


Updated 17/04/2019