Exporting Samples at Bristol Genetics Laboratory

Samples for which specialist testing is not available at the Bristol Genetics Laboratory (BGL), will be exported through appropriate arrangements to other laboratories for analysis.
This will include:

  • Members of the United Kingdom Genetic Testing Network (UKGTN) 
  • European/overseas laboratories with appropriate accreditation

A written request will be required before forwarding of samples (clinical letter and/or proforma of referral or appropriate details given on the referral form).
As far as practicable, samples are only sent to laboratories accredited to UKAS ISO 15189:2012 or CPA UK Ltd (until September 2018 only) standards or, outside of the UK, other appropriately accredited laboratories. Details of the export laboratory, and its accreditation status, will be included in the clinician’s confirmatory export report.  Occasionally particular tests are only available at laboratories which do not hold the appropriate accreditation status, as detailed above.  In such cases, the clinician’s agreement is sought prior to export of any samples. Results are sent to the referring Clinician directly by the testing laboratory.
We are not funded for exported tests and the Trust of the referring clinician or another party will be required to meet the cost of such testing.
Due to the complex and costly nature of genetic testing for some disorders, it may be appropriate for clinicians from other specialties to seek advice from their local Clinical Genetics Service prior to forwarding samples. Alternatively the laboratory can be contacted regarding allocation of tests.

UKGTN (Lists all of the Molecular Genetics tests currently available in the UK NHS laboratories)

Metabolic Biochemistry Network





Last update : 12th June 2018