Information from genetic testing, integrated with the results of other haemato-pathology disciplines provides diagnostic and prognostic data supporting the management of patients with haematological malignancy.  At BGL we offer integrated cytogenetic and molecular pathology testing for acute and chronic leukaemia (AML, ALL, CML), pre-leukaemia (MDS, MPN, MDS/MPN) and lymphoid neoplasia (NHL, CLL,  myeloma).


The Bristol Genetics Laboratory offers a comprehensive Haematological Malignancy genetics service supporting the diagnosis and monitoring of haematological neoplasia.  BGL offers a complementary approach integrating cytogenetic, FISH and molecular pathology testing, directed where appropriate by the results of other haemato-pathology testing in accordance with NICE improving outcomes guidance and published clinical guidelines.


Alongside partners in Severn Pathology, BGL is a core member of the Bristol Haemato-Oncology Diagnostic Service (BHODS) providing a single integrated haematological malignancy service (SIHMDS) for users across the region.  Integration of results from multiple haemato-pathology modalities allows real time redirection of testing along robust, evidence based diagnostic algorithms to maximize efficiency of our diagnostic strategies.

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 Last updated: 30/12/2019