POCT Frequently Asked Questions

FreeStyle Precision Pro Meters - There is an error message, what does it mean?

Please refer to the FreeStyle Precision Pro Operator's Manual at link to which can be found on the 'POCT Tests & Equipment' webpage, from the left hand menu. 

FreeStyle Precision Pro Meters - We’ve lost a meter, what do we do?

Check that your meter hasn’t been taken to a nearby department/ward by accident. Contact POCT as soon as possible as we might be able to help you track it down using the device management system.

FreeStyle Precision Pro Meters - The meter doesn’t recognise that a test strip has been inserted, what should I do?

This suggests that blood or control solution has entered the test strip port due to the meter not being horizontal applied. Contact POCT to arrange for the test strip port to be replaced. The meter should be taken out of action
Please return the meter to the workstation with a label explaining why it is not in use and that a member of POCT will be out to repair the meter shortly.

FreeStyle Precision Pro Meters - Where do I get blood glucose or ketone test strips?

All test strips are ordered from Pharmacy.

FreeStyle Precision Pro Meters - Where do I get new batteries?

The meters require 2 AA batteries. If you don’t have any on your ward/department, POCT can supply you with these.

FreeStyle Precision Pro Meters - Where do I get lancets?

Lancets should be ordered from Materials Management or EROS.

FreeStyle Precision Pro Meters - Where can I get replacement Medisense Control solutions?

Replacement high and low control solutions should either be replaced by the POCT team, or be posted to you, prior to the 90 day expiration date of the current set. Should they not arrive or the control solutions run out, please contact POCT to arrange the issue of a replacement set

FreeStyle Precision Pro Meters - How do I override ketone QC testing?

If you have tested the control solutions for glucose but don’t want to test for ketones i.e. you don’t have a patient test to perform, you just need to press ‘Menu’.
If you want to test the control solutions for glucose, but the meter is asking you to scan a ketone test strip, scan the glucose test strip and select ‘Continue’. You will then be able to test both levels of the Medisense Control Solutions for glucose.

FreeStyle Precision Pro Meters - Why do we do EQA samples (the samples sent to you by POCT every 3 months)?

External Quality Assurance (EQA) samples are used to check how well your meters are performing. Anyone who is trained to use the meters can perform EQA testing and participation is mandatory for Clinical Governance.

FreeStyle Precision Pro Meters - The docking station doesn’t appear to be charging the meter, what should I do?

The docking station isn’t designed to charge the meter it is only for used to connect the meter to the hospital network.
If the data upload isn’t successful the meter will display a warning message. Please ensure the PC to which the docking station is connected is switched on and all cables are inserted into the correct ports. If the docking station still doesn’t work, contact POCT with the location of the docking station and the inventory number of the PC (e.g. NBT XXXX).

GEM Premier 5000 blood gas analyser - Why hasn’t a paper copy of my blood gas results printed?

The printer roll may need to be replaced or if the paper is blank, the roll may be in the wrong way. It should be inserted in the compartment so the paper unfurls from the bottom.

GEM Premier 5000 blood gas analyser - One or more of the analytes are red on the screen and I’m not getting a result. What do I need to do?

The PAK needs to be replaced. To remove the GEM PAK, select Menu, Action then Remove Cartridge. You will be required to enter your password then just follow the on-screen instructions

GEM Premier 5000 blood gas analyser - I’ve replaced the reagent PAK, How should I dispose of the used one?

Used reagent PAKs should be placed in 60L yellow-lidded Wiva bins

HemoCue Hb201+ - The meter isn’t working and EO2 is displayed on the screen; what does this mean?

E02 errors usually occur when the micocuvettes are not being wiped properly following sampling and there’s a build-up on the optical unit. Details of how to clean the unit using a HemoCue Cleaner can be found in the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

HemoCue Hb201+ - We have run out of QC/microcuvettes; where do we get more?

These are ordered directly from EROS:

Product description

EROS Product Reference












HemoCue Hb201+ - The Quality Control Booklet is full, where can I get a new one?

New booklets are issued by POCT. Your old log book should be kept in your ward/department for at least 7 years.

BioSign Pregnancy Testing - There is a problem with our test kits; what do I do?

Do not report a result from a faulty test device.
Repeat the test with a new test device. If this still doesn’t work, let POCT know as soon as possible and, if necessary, send a blood sample to Clinical Biochemistry.
Remember to keep both the original labelled patient urine sample and the faulty test cassette for further investigation.

BioSign Pregnancy Testing - How can I order more kits for my ward/department?

Contact POCT on Ext: 48422 or email poct@nbt.nhs.uk

POCT Training - How long is my training valid?

Following a face-to-face training session at Clinical Induction, from your Link Nurse or a member of the POCT team, is valid for two years.
Recertification for FreeStyle Precision Pro meters and the GEM Premier 5000 blood gas analysers via e-Learning modules available on MLE is also valid for two years.

POCT Training - I’ve had my training but still haven’t received my access badge/ my current POCT Access ID barcode badge hasn’t been updated

Sometimes your training record may take a few days to arrive. If in doubt give POCT a ring or email a scanned version of your training record to POCT@nbt.nhs.uk to ensure it isn’t lost.
MLE reports are received by the POCT Team weekly so if you have only recently completed a POCT e-Learning module you may not be updated until the following week. If you wish to expedite this, you could email a copy of your certificates, or MLE training record, to POCT@nbt.nhs.uk

POCT Access ID Barcode Badge - I’ve lost my badge, how do I get a new one?

Please contact POCT as soon as possible so we can cancel the lost badge and arrange to issue you with a replacement.
FreeStyle Precision Pro meters may need to complete a successful data download before they will recognise your replacement badge.
If you use the same POCT Access ID barcode badge to access the GEM Premier 5000 blood gas analysers, you don’t need to do anything, it should work straight away.

Point of Care Testing

The department is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

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Email: POCT@nbt.nhs.uk

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Test Information

Test information

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