About SWUK Burns Network

The SWUK Burn Care Network was formally established in January 2006 although collaboration between South West and South Wales services has a much longer history.

Formal designation of services as Centres (designed to treat the most complex burn patients), Units (designed to treat burns of moderate complexity) and Facilities (designed to treat non-complex burns) was completed in 2009. This was undertaken by self-assessment followed by formal peer review.

The role of the SWUK Operational Delivery Network (ODN) is to deliver a work programme to enhance and standardise the delivery of care to adult and paediatric patients who have suffered a burn injury or a skin loss condition.

It fulfils the principles outlined in the National Burn Care Review, works to the national referral thresholds and aims to achieve the national standards for burn care (NHS Specialised Services, National Network for Burn Care, National Burn Care Standards January 2014). 

The SWUK ODN ensures outcomes and quality standards are improved; and evidence based networked patient pathways are agreed and implemented. It ensures burn services within the ODN are working to the same principles and to the same standards for patient benefit.

SWUK Vision

To ensure that patients who suffer from burn injury, wherever and whenever that may occur in the South West UK Burn Care Operational Delivery Network, receive optimal treatment in a timely manner at a service appropriate for the injury sustained, and that the treatment and care given to patients and their families are of the highest quality as measured by regular review of outcomes.

SWUK Mission

To ensure that patients who suffer serious burn injury within the SWUK ODN are transported safely and quickly to an appropriate service, returned closer to home as soon as is possible (whilst maintaining specialist input into their care) and rreceive care of the highest quality irrespective of where they live and whenever they suffer a burn injury.