SWUK Burns Network Aims & Objectives


  • Ensure the healthcare needs of adults and children relating to burn injuries are clearly identified
  • Ensure that specialised burn care services for adults and children are delivered according to clinical, service designation and other NHS England and professional standards
  • Deliver high quality outcomes through consistent, cohesive and cost effective care
  • Identify and effectively manage clinical and other risks relating to burn care
  • Contribute to reducing the incidence of burn injury in the population
  • Ensure effective management of the Network on behalf of the host organisation
  • Ensure effective clinical flows through the provider system through clinical collaboration


  • Provide standardised protocols for acute care and rehabilitation
  • Achieve all referrals to national thresholds
  • Audit clinical outcomes: survival, complications, length of hospital stay / % Burn Surface Area
  • Formally assess services against national standards
  • Collaborate in research and clinical audit for patient benefit
  • Engage with Burn Care Clinical Reference group and other Networks
  • Ensure patient voice is heard and listened to

The SWUK ODN is reliant on clinicians, managers and commissioners to function effectively and achieve best clinical outcomes for patients. Multi-professional groups comprising Network Board, Management Steering Group, Clinical Advisory Group and Task and Finish groups have been established including Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Intensivists, Nurses, Psychologists and Therapists.

Patient involvement has been difficult to achieve in a formal manner. We will work on this as part of this year’s work programme.

The network works collaboratively with the other three England and Wales Burn Care ODNs at times of increased activity, for repatriation and for major incident planning.