SWUK Burns Network Board & Committees

SWUK Network Board

The SWUK Network Board includes members of the Management Steering Group with additional members:

  • commissioning representatives from NHS England
  • commissioning representatives from Welsh Health Services Specialised Services Committee
  • no more than three representatives (clinical lead, nursing or allied health professional, service manager) from each ODN burn care service.

The board, chaired by Dr William McFadzean, meets four times per year. One of these meetings is educational (audit and morbidity and mortality) information in a formalised reporting structure.

Management Steering Group

The Management Steering Group chaired by the network manager includes

  • network chair
  • two lead clinicians
  • lead nurse
  • lead therapist (currently vacant).

It works on behalf of the network board to deliver the ODN Governance Framework and annual work programme and to advise on items for the Clinical Advisory Group. It meets six times per year and reviews performance and progress of all working groups, scrutinising function and output so that areas of work or issues of concern are addressed and delivered against the Governance Framework and Work Programme.

Clinical Advisory Group (CAG)

The Clinical Advisory Group set up this year, reports directly to the network board through the chairs (clinical leads). It includes

  • Burn service lead
  • ICU clinicians
  • nurses
  • therapy staff.

The CAG standardises network protocols and guidelines and oversees clinical risk and governance issues.