SWUK Burns Network Education

There is a strong educational culture within the SWUK ODN. Nursing Education is run from two accredited Centres: University West England (UWE) and the University of Swansea.

The UWE burns diploma and its equivalent in the Welsh National Centre in Swansea are all organized by the SWUK nursing teams.  The UWE course is aimed at Nursing and AHPs across Paediatric and Adult burn care.

The Swansea course is for paediatric and adult nursing burn care. These courses are modular based. Swansea has also organised two Network study days that focus on Rehabilitation and Community Management of the Burn Injured Patient attended by Primary and Secondary Health Care teams.

The SWUK Network is compiling an educational database to record staff that have been EMSB trained and to enable the SWUK to emergency plan around skills and capability. The challenge is to provide other members of the multidisciplinary team both in the adult and children’s burns centres with specific training relating to the higher competencies required. We also need to provide training for nursing and medical staff in EDs throughout the network. Finally, we need to find a way to assess training for different levels of burn care and for different multi-professional staff.