Facial Threadveins & Redness

Threadveins are very small veins in the skin itself. They look like thin red or blue lines in the skin. Threadveins do not cause any symptoms but because they are so visible you may dislike their appearance. Threadveins are extremely common.

Laser treatment is a safe and effective way of treating threadveins by the ‘shutting down’ of the blood vessels. By controlling the colour, energy and direction of the laser it is possible to treat the threadveins with minimal effect on the surrounding skin.

Facial threadveins usually respond well to laser treatment with our vascular laser.  We have the option of using the pulse dye laser or the long-pulsed NdYAG laser depending on the needs of each individual.

The pulse dye laser may leave some bruising for a few days.  After treatment with the long-pulsed NdYAG laser the skin may be a little sore and red  and some people get some crusting of the treated area for a few days.

Several treatment sessions may be required for maximum reduction of the number and/or the size of the vessels.

Threadvein laser treatment sessions start from £135 per session.

Your skin will need to be looked after carefully for two to three weeks after each appointment. You may also need to wear a high factor sunblock for the whole course of the treatment. However, our specialist will advise you on how to look after your skin.

Laser treatment for facial threadveins is not usually funded on the NHS. The Exceptional Funding Panel in your local area may consider funding for patients with unusually severe conditions or exceptional circumstances. If you think you may be eligible for NHS treatment please discuss this with your GP who may be able to apply to the local funding panel on your behalf.  

If you are not eligible for NHS treatment you can choose to self-fund your laser treatment at the Bristol Laser Centre.  

Bristol Laser Centre offers a sensitive, personal, honest approach to your laser treatment needs. An initial self-funded consultation, at £120, with our specialist doctor is always required to discuss your specific needs.

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